Impact Media Partners LLC is your one-stop shop for communications,  audience engagement, and media consulting services. Our team offers decades of experience in media promotion, engagement and distribution management, high-level non-profit strategy and leadership, corporate communications, and a strong network of skilled professionals around the country in media production, marketing, education, community engagement, and more. ​

Impact Media Partners LLC specializes in:

  1. Community and Audience Engagement
  2. Communications Services and Media Strategy
  3. Community Impact and Public Affairs
  4. Public Television Distribution

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Season 8 of ‘Pacific Heartbeat’ Premieres

In partnership with Pacific Islanders in Communication, IMP is proud to announce the eighth season of Pacific Heartbeat, a national public television series of critically acclaimed documentaries that provides an authentic glimpse into the Pacific Islander experience.

WORLD Channel x Black History Month

Impact Media Partners and WORLD Channel partnered to produce toolkits and community screenings to deepen viewers understanding of Black history.