Impact Media Partners LLC is your one-stop shop for communications,  audience engagement, and media consulting services. Our team offers decades of experience in media promotion, engagement and distribution management, high-level non-profit strategy and leadership, corporate communications, and a strong network of skilled professionals around the country in media production, marketing, education, community engagement, and more. ​

Impact Media Partners LLC specializes in:

  1. Community and Audience Engagement
  2. Communications Services and Media Strategy
  3. Community Impact and Public Affairs
  4. Public Television Distribution

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WORLD Channel Presents Humanity on the Move

Offering a tour de force on human migration stories, IMP is proud to be supporting WORLD Channel’s presentation of Humanity on the Move content from Show of Force on Doc World with the creation of engagement materials and community screenings.

Family Pictures USA comes to Public Television

Family Pictures USA is a new public television series from Thomas Allen Harris (“Through a Lens Darkly,” Independent Lens) and Don Perry that digs deep into local communities through an exploration of family photo albums. IMP is providing production support and engagement services to this exciting new series.

KLRU Presents Considering Matthew Shepard

IMP is creating standards-aligned curricula and offering micro-grants to community organizations in select markets to support local screenings and other events this Fall for a new KLRU production. In collaborated with Conspirare, KLRU has adapted the three-part oratorio “Considering Matthew Shepard” into a unique theatrical experience for the small screen.