Take Care, A National Campaign for Well-Being

A campaign of the Healthy U.S. Collaborative, Take Care is an ambitious effort to empower individuals and families to focus on their well-being and make strides toward physical, mental and emotional health.

At the center of the campaign are 40 short films that harness the power of storytelling to connect audiences to better and more engaging information about their well-being.

In six target markets, Impact Media Partners (IMP) and local stakeholders are designing and implementing audience engagement strategies and culturally relevant programming. Topics vary from nutrition to family dynamics, and the community groups gathered at the ‘Well-Being Salons’ are able to share and relay information about local challenges and opportunities.

Highlighting local community resources and tying them into a national campaign for health and well-being is an innovative approach that sets Take Care apart. IMP is proud to lead the on-the-ground effort for Take Care.