Human Rights & Immigration

IMP works with clients and partners to provide impact and engagement efforts for a diverse collection of projects related to unaccompanied children at the border, LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and immigration policies.

Here are a few examples:

PAPER CHILDREN explores America’s invisible refugee crisis through the eyes of one Miami family who navigates a broken system with unwavering resilience.
The four siblings and their parents work hard at a new start together, as far away from the frightening gang violence in their native Honduras as possible. As they begin to heal from past trauma, the thorny complexities of the US immigration system lead to crushing setbacks that once again threaten their sense of security. Through it all, the family holds on to their faith and loving spirit—they’ve risked too much to give up hope.

PAPER CHILDREN is a YouTube Original, available here.

IMP delivered:
⧫ branded materials (English & Spanish) ⧫ outreach and partnership development ⧫ discussion guide ⧫ digital event planning and implementation (English & Spanish) ⧫ brain trust convenings ⧫ social media management

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At the height of the presidency of Donald Trump, when America faced its greatest threat to its democracy, average citizens pushed back. An inspiring documentary shot over the course of two years, THE PUSHBACK weaves together a diverse group of voices across Texas — volunteers, activists, artists, teachers, law enforcement agents, and political candidates — all working to combat policies of cruelty, fight entrenched racism, and to change the course of history in their country.

IMP provided:
⧫ branded materials ⧫ outreach ⧫ social action guide ⧫ digital event planning and implementation ⧫ social media management

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Watch a clip from the digital premiere here.

UNSETTLED: Seeking Refuge in America is a feature-length documentary revealing the untold stories of LGBTQ refugees and asylum seekers who have fled intense persecution from their home countries and who are resettling in the U.S. The film follows four new arrivals, each of whom have escaped potential peril in their native countries for being different. They’ve landed in the purported “gay mecca” of San Francisco, yet even there, building a new life in an adopted nation is a precarious undertaking. As new leadership in America continues to restrict immigrants and drastically cut the flow of refugees and asylum seekers, UNSETTLED: Seeking Refuge in America sheds light on a group about which few people know. What are the costs persecuted immigrants pay for seeking refuge? And how are everyday Americans stepping forward to help those most in need? UNSETTLED: Seeking Refuge in America premiered nationally on the WORLD Channel television series, Doc World.

IMP delivered:
⧫ Virtual Congressional briefing ⧫ Law School Study Guide ⧫ digital event planning and implementation ⧫ branded materials ⧫ outreach and partnership development ⧫

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